Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'll make a plan for that....

So we're short of housing apparently? I viewed the news at breakfast this morning with a chap in a hard hat saying that the figures obviously mean that we need more houses....which figures I ask? in the Eastern Region of the UK we need 35,000 homes a year for the next 20 years? Who is going to live in them? where are they going to work? Tesco's? We have nooooo industry of that scale! we don't manufacture in the scale that we did in the 1800's! land work is automated, factory work automated, office work remote, shops closing down because of ebamazon, we're a nation of wanna-be Voice-Factor finalists who's records last 6 weeks before a download blitz ruins their career...
Where are the aspirational figureheads of business? DON'T you dare say Sir Alan Sugar, he's a sales man...I mean groups, companies, UK based, not overseas owned...

Dear Jim,
Please can you fix it for me to live in a society where the economy is NOT structured on shoddily-built housing and faked I.D. Mortgages, with a backward banking system, that embraces sensible clean technologies!!
I would really love to see UK owned industry, becoming a major factor in growth not foreign buyouts of anything that looks remotely profitable followed by quick closure and move out to their home country.
Your Depressingly
p.s. if you can arrange for me to sing on stage with Showaddywaddy that would be good too...

So I'm fed up, is there a glimmer of hope for us? well probably yes, but not in housing...why? simple really, Water! we've not got enough water in the South East to supply the current population, year on year it get less as demand goes up. It's not just households or course, what little there is in industry consumes a large percentage. But we need more for our food, which is grown in the farms of the UK.
What perhaps ought to happen is an infrastructure review. New areas for water storage, damns, dykes etc. that's a things to build!
We neeeeeeed water to live, not diesel, petrol, not even Hydrogen....but H2O,....refreshing in a brew, cuppa-char, coffee's main constituent, 94% of beer....WATER!
but do you really think we can flood a valley in the South East now to provide water security?
we can't even build a pointless wind turbine without a complaint... NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard)
you can see it now...

"Oh no, one can't build that next to me, I'm not having that reservoir there, good lord no. !...I won't be able to sell my garden off for a housing development"

BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything)....though I do share some of these thoughts when it comes to housing.... :)

New Damn puts picturesque Norfolk Village Hethersett 100m underwater

Closing comment:-

Cities. Once the place where people lived in close proximity to their place of work in small housing areas, easy communication links, cheap transport, ironically low carbon and low energy existence.
Now, the issue is, no on wants to live like that, we all want to live in the country....greater expense, greater energy, greater travel, greater inconvenience, and greater loss of farm and countryside....
Darn it, why can't it be simple...

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